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2016 Ford Mustang GT RHD Info. Graphic


As we mentioned in a previous article, the right hand drive version of the Mustang is now being sold on the Indian continent.
The reasons for making a right-hand drive and hitting those markets of the world is obvious. So, to help see exactly what you get with this RHD model, the Max about website have made a cool info graphic for the car as you see below.

RHD Mustang Info.
Displacement – 4951 cc
Maximum Power – 401 PS @ 6500 rpm
Maximum Torque – 515 NM @ 4250 rpm
Gearbox – 6-Speed Automatic
Top Speed (KMPH) – 250 kmph
Ground Clearance – 137 mm
Boot Space – 383 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity – 60.9 litres

We wonder now if the other muscle car makers will follow suit and start producing vehicles in right-hand drive.

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