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Garage Guys: The Future Of Automotive Theme Parks


By Dave Ashton and Mark Weisseg

Back on June 24th of this year I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Anthony Foster head of Garage Guys, the genesis of a unique automotive theme park. But who is Anthony Foster?
Well, he is a man of great vision. I am also going to include a link in this article to be sure that you go to their web site for a chance for you to win a cool car.

I spoke with Anthony for nearly an hour that day and he laid out the plans for the automotive theme park in Texas.
It will be like no other theme park in the world. I peppered him with questions and he had answers for all.
The theme park is to include everything automotive, from rides, restoration projects, education, car art, car themed hotels, but most importantly to focus on employing people who are mentally and physically challenged, who would not be able to get into the industry via other routes.
His vision is deep and his backing to do this project is already underway. Yes, banks, big automotive groups, and people just like you and I are need.

Myself, I intend on going to Dallas Texas in early September for various reasons but now I am adding this to my list. Anthony has a deep background in our industry. He is not a new comer or a flash in the pan. As I stated before he is the real deal and his vision is likely to change the way we enjoy ourselves in the future. I hope you will watch the video, try to win the car and more importantly view the web site with an open mind. Then, if you have questions or ideas you can contact Anthony directly. Now, he’s a busy guy but he wants and needs your input. You folks are the backbone of our industry and people like you can help this vision become a reality. The web site again is:
Copy and paste this web address to your computer and get involved now. All projects start somewhere. Don’t you wish you were with the Apple or Google guys at start up? Be proactive and enjoy the web site. Then, take the next step as I have and start changing your life. Best wishes.

Enter their latest competition here –


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