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What Is The Best Classic Ever?


By Mark Weisseg

The big debate. What is the best classic car of all time? Is it the iconic 57 Chevy, the 65 Mustang Shelby, the 65 GTO, the Roadrunner, or maybe the Chevy 409. My gosh, so much to choose from where in the world do you begin.

Should we look at sales, quarter mile times, track times, or word of mouth? Clearly they are all winners and it would be impossible to pick just one.
Corvette owners will fight to the death that the new 2015 Vette is the best ever. The Camaro guys ( and gals) will say the 69 Z/28 is perfect, but holy smokes the new Camaro has the creature comforts we all love. So, if you want to pick a good fight go to a car show and yell into the bull horn that the Pontiac Tempest is the best handling, best ride, best torque of anything ever built. Then, be prepared to be escorted off the property or booed until your ears are sore.

So, what is my pick for the best classic fast car of all time? Starting World War Three is not in my top ten things in the bucket list so I need to leave it to you. I would love to hear what you think and why. Now, just because you own a 66 Nova with a 396 bolted in there does not mean that is your vote. Please take a deep breath and think this through. I have my opinions but who cares what I think. I care about what you think and why. Be clear and concise and tell us why. I will bet there is a laundry list of cars that all of you think are the best. Is it steering, looks, resale factors, or is engines and pipes?

I look forward to hearing from you and your vote.


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