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Hennessey produce 1,000HP Chevrolet Camaro SS

If you’re not satisfied with the grunt from your Chevrolet Camaro SS, than the Texas-based outfit Hennessy will sprinkle some of their pixie dust on your vehicle and turn it into a 1,000 horsepower beast. The modifications will include forged aluminum pistons, billet connecting rods, ported heads, heavy-duty valve springs, and an upgraded cooling system. Small and discreet Hennessy badging will be added to the vehicle, on the dashboard, along with custom floor mats. The The whole kit will cost around $65,000, obviously not including a Camaro SS. Homepage For all muscle car parts –
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Dodge Challenger GT Commercial In Snowy Alaska

By Dave Ashton To further prove the traction and off-road capabilities of the Dodge Challenger, Dodge have shot their latest commercial in the snowy lands of Alaska to prove this point. The commercial states that the the might of the Dodge Challenger can be heard in nearby Russia and that even with a rear wheel drive, the snowy conditions are no match for the Challenger. Although the Challenger GT only has a V6 engine, it still has 305 HP and an eight speed automatic transmission and is obviously no worries in the snow. Dodge recently announced their all wheel drive (AWD) Challenger , which shows that they’re breaking the barriers of the common muscle car myths and proving today’s muscle cars are a go anywhere vehicle. This is the first of the AWG challenger GT commercials and shows off nicely the first AWD muscle car to fine effect.

An Unbelievable Snow plough 57 Chevrolet

By Mark Weisseg In parts of the west such as the Dakotas they are being hammered with blizzard type snows. Schools and stores are closed and the big dig out continues. When these events happen everyone that can man a shovel does so. Snow blowers, snow throwers and hard work gets the roads and driveways passable again. As bad as it is for some, there is a lot of money to be made plowing snow. When I saw this picture of a ’57 Chevy body on top of a four wheel drive truck I smiled. Hey, this old Chevy is plowing snow. Yes, what every sound American should do. Find a car that is world renowned and make a plow truck out of it. Forget taking the body and putting back on the real frame and making it a very pricey classic. That’s silly. This guy is a genius. Next, I hope he finds a rare 59 Caddy convertible and does the same thing…….. You see, every day another Einstein is born. Some Einsteins never find there calling. They land up being land Barron’s or stupid Doctors or lawyers. But other Ei

3D printing: The Solution For Rare Muscle Car Parts?

Randy Sartin Photography/Oak Ridge National Laboratory By Mark Weisseg By now, most of us have heard about 3D printing. You must have that special printer and software, but are these devices the solution for making rare car parts? Just think, with every classic car there is a need for a part now and then. Sometimes you find the part and when it arrives you realize it is crappy. It happens and I like you can tell you stories of a need for name brand parts and all you can get are the front disc rotors cheap, and they are throw away rotors. No way Jose, I want the best pads and rotors as well as calipers on my car. Not some knock off garbage. I can see the day when this 3D printing will be a norm in the car industry. I have seen a car built this way, like the 3-D printed Shelby Cobra below, so you can only imagine parts will be next. We all know if you need parts for a standard classic car, the parts come easily. It’s the quality you need to be concerned with, which means a 3-D pri

Could The 2019 Dodge Challenger Have 750HP?

It’s been eight years since the release of the modern Dodge Challenger, which means the FCA group is planning the next generation of the Dodge Challenger, possibly in 2018 or 2019. This should bring it in line with the Mustang and the Camaro, with a platform probably being based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This should result in a lighter and more compact vehicle, giving a better power to weight ratio to the modern Dodge engines. There is much speculation as to what the powertrains will be like, most probably in V6 and V8 formats, with a possible output of 750 HP likely. Some rumours have stated that a turbocharged four-cylinder version will be available, with even 2.5 L engine versions in the lineup. stay tuned to find out more.

The Mustang Beats The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro sales

As we’ve reported recently, the 2016 Mustang is now selling across the globe in right-hand drive and introducing everybody to the muscle car world. This could have been a big gamble for Ford, but it seems to have paid off as sales for the 2016 Mustang are doing better than ever. However, Dodge and Chevrolet, especially the Mustang’s main rival, the Camaro, are staying on home territory and sales don’t seem to be anywhere near as good. Sales for the Chevrolet Camaro have dropped in the US by 42.3%, shifting 4969 units, a drop of 13.5% compared to this time last year. As the world grows to a more globally integrated arena, it makes sense to start pushing muscle cars in other territories. The Mustang, although traditionally should be left hand drive, is doing very well in Europe, Australia and recently India in the RHD format. they are familiar with the Ford brand, so the Mustang brings a bit of exotic presence to the rest of the Ford lineup. Chevrolet have a presence with their other veh

The 2016 Muscle Car V8 Showdown: Dodge Vs Chevrolet vs Ford.

There’s nothing like a head-to-head showdown, drag race or cordial debate(argument) over which is the best of the current crop of muscle cars. Each of the manufacturers are fielding fantastic vehicles at the moment, arguably the best muscle ever produced and showing you can get the most horsepower for your money with the modern tech you would expect from a contemporary car. The guys over at have produced a great head-to-head between a 2016 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack, 2016 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS and a 2016 Ford Mustang GT. Each have the own plus and minus points, so check out the video below for the full rundown with the final results here .